An Open-Source Web Platform for Virtual Concert using TwitchTV or YouTube Live Stream.
Download From GitHub Or try our platform for free! Visit Rabbit Sky TV
  Twitch / YouTube Live
You can set your live channel whether you're using Twitch or YouTube live!
Live Chat  
You still can see your live chat (Twitch or YouTube Live) on the right side of the game!
  Multiplayers up to 500 Players
Depends on your server bandwidth, you can take 500 rabbits to your sky!
Easy to Customize  
You can easily change banner, logo and even skybox just by changing the image.
  Multiple Servers
You can have multiple servers on one show, so you can split based on country, language, etc.
Compatible to Any Device  
PC, Mac, Smartphone, even Smart Refrigerator, as long its having a latest browser, everyone can join!
Free & Open Source
It is totally free to use, and if you have knowledge on Web HTML, Javascript and THREE.js, you can contribute to make this platform better! Go check out our github!

Also, since it's free, we are not getting any profit for this project. So if you like it so much, consider donating!